As Pennsylvania’s founding father William Penn once coined Philadelphia’s 9,200 acres of open space as his “Greene Countrie Towne,” the city’s legacy of parks, recreation and public spaces has since flourished into sanctuaries for the communities.

As a watchdog for Philadelphia’s parks, recreation and open spaces, Greene Countrie Towne is a primary news source, sponsored by the Philadelphia Parks Alliance, dedicated to overseeing the city’s public spaces, informing residents, advocating for communities and overall creating conversation amongst neighborhoods.

This platform is intended to embody Philadelphia’s beauty through people and the communities in which they thrive — all throughout our Greene Countrie Towne.



Alexa ZizziAlexa Zizzi – Executive Editor

Alexa is a senior journalism student at Temple University with a passion for looking through the lens of others to share their stories with the world. She has been invested in advocating for sustainability, green spaces, underserved neighborhoods and community work. During her time as an intern for the Parks Alliance, along with George, she established Greene Countrie Towne as a platform to create conversation amongst neighbors and share important stories within Philadelphia’s beloved communities. She loves to connect with people through community outreach and public service and hopes to eventually travel the world someday and document it all.


ZuriZuri Hoffman – Managing Editor

Zuri is a Germantown native and sophomore journalism student at Temple University. Her love for writing, reporting and helping others influenced her to get involved in community work and public outreach, which led her to interning at the Parks Alliance. As a current writer and reporter for Greene Countrie Towne, she looks forward to one day connecting with people in her career as a broadcast journalist.


EricEric McGarity – Contributor

Hailing from West Chester, Pennsylvania, Eric recently graduated from Temple University where he majored in geography and urban studies. He is currently an intern at the Parks Alliance where he continues to pursue his long-time love of the environment that has inspired his overall interest in urban planning. In his spare time, Eric can be seen cooking (and making a mess), going to concerts and getting lost in Philadelphia’s many multifaceted neighborhoods.


Mathias Stangl-Riehle – Contributormathiasbio

Mathias is a wanna-be baller, shot-caller, he got 20 inch rims on his….bicycle. Mathias once had dreams of being in the NBA, however, due to lack of athleticism, genetics and addiction to coffee, which may or may not have stunted his growth, his dreams have changed. Now, as a student at Temple University and intern at the Parks Alliance, Mathias’ true passions are geography, activism, urban planning, community growth and the like. He can still frequently be seen on a nice day, losing a game of one-on-one at the basketball court of a local park.